Monday, September 10, 2007

Discovering Scarves

Towards the beginning of the summer, around the time I discovered Thrift Shops, I also discovered scarves. Had no idea what to do with them - but for some reason was intrigued by them. There had to -- just had to - be some useful cool thing to do with them. I was thinking the easiest thing would be to make a skirt, but after hours of playing with different scarfs, shapes and ways making a skirt would be possible, something awesome finally came of it - the scarf skirt became a dress!

Thinking back after it was all done - it seems very simple. It's funny that it took me so long to figure out this simple idea. She wears this dress under jeans, shorts or with leggings.


Anonymous said...

wow kelly sure has grown up!!!very pretty=>and the outfit is awesome jodi!!

Benjaminna said...

Yes she is! It's very sad - my baby girl is growing up more and more each day. Brings tears to my eyes sometimes. Can you believe she will be 14 this April?!