Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't miss another deal

The next time you are in the store, and an item that is on sale is out of stock get a rain check. You can read more about rain checks here:

Everything You Want to Know About Rain Checks

Most people who use coupons know about rain checks and how to use them. My problem isn't the knowledge - it's the remembering. I always remember when it happens - when I am in the store shopping and I come across that bare shelf, I instantly think - Rain Check! However, by the time I get everything else on my list, stand in line, unload my groceries, get my coupons out and ready and get up to the cashier I have completely forgotten. That is until I get out to the car, unload everything and driving off the parking lot - THEN I remember.

Lately, when I need to get a rain check I instantly tell my husband and 5 kids - Don't let me forget to get a rain check. I even tell my 4 year old. I mean, with 7 people - someone has to remember when I get up to the cashier - right?