Saturday, May 10, 2008

I got fabric softener!

I got these today at Walgreens. They were on sale for $3.99 each - BUT when you buy 9 participating products you get 2 catalinas for $10 each - good on your next shopping order. I also had some lousy .25 cent coupons for each one. So, counting my coupons and catalinas - they ended up being $13.66 for all 9 of them - or $1.51 each!

My kids think I am weird when I take pics of the deals I get and the stuff I buy. They make comments like ' Mom's got the camera again...'. So for now on - I'm going to start making them be in the pics also! Now how weird am I?


MIUMIU said...
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Patty said...

Hi, yesterday I found a link to your blog on Money Saving Mom’s blog. I have really enjoyed reading about you and your family. I have a few comments and a few questions for you.

Where do you get multiple coupons?

You mentioned on you blog about wanting a stand up style freezer in the future instead of a chest freezer so you can organize it better. I wanted to comment on this; I have always been a stock up person and I have had both types of freezers. The chest style holds more than a stand up style. It can be very aggravating to open up a stand up style freezer and have items fall out. The chest freezer holds a lot more and can be packed to the brim.

Do you ever shop at warehouse stores to save money on your shopping? My family and I have shopped at Sam’s for years. You don’t always get the best deal on everything at a warehouse store but I have found you can save quit a bit on several items such as sugar, spices, honey, hot cocoa, cheese... and non-food items such as movies. I tend to shop the sales at my regular grocery store and use Sam’s for items that do not go on sale very often.

Have you heard of The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn? I used to get her newsletter and really learned a lot from her. She and her husband have 6 kids and at the time she wrote here newsletter they fed the family on $200 a month.

On you blog you mentioned getting a used sewing machine for $19.99, what a bargain! I love to sew and at one time I taught young girls how to sew using the older machines similar to the one you purchased. The older machines were built to last and they are so easy to care for as long as you keep them oiled.

Have you considered using your sewing skills to make extra money? Have you heard of etsy? This site is similar to e-bay except all things sold on etsy are handmade or vintage. All items are sold at a set price and it is so cheap to sell items on etsy. I used to sell handmade doll clothes on e-bay and did very well, but e-bay kept going up on their prices and their fees so I decided to give etsy a try last year. So far I am very pleased with etsy and I try to tell everyone about etsy, I think they will soon become e-bays competition.

Once again I enjoyed your blog,


ohhollyf said...

HHaaa-haa, you remind me of myself making them get in the pic, LOL