Monday, May 19, 2008

I love Huggies Wipes

I was thrilled about this deal I got Saturday at Kroger. You see, I am in love with Huggies baby wipes. I love how thick they are, the texture, smell and the pop up top. I love the way it always has one ready for you and the way you can retrieve one wipe with one hand - which us mom's know it's very handy to have things you can do with one hand - cause the other hand is always busy doing something else.

So at Kroger they have this deal. If you buy $20 in Huggies products then you get $4 off your shopping total. The wipes are on sale for 2/$5. I bought 8 tubs of wipes for $20. They took $4 off my shopping total plus I had (8) .50 cent coupons which doubled. So in the end I paid just $1 per tub for my beloved Huggies Wipes!

This deal is going on for another week so I plan on getting more this weekend since new coupons came out in this past Sundays inserts.


Stefani said...

What a steal! I love Huggies wipes too! I usually buy the big value pack of them.

My kid's are Huggies babies!