Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Major Meijer Catalina Deal!

Sunday we went to Meijer and at the check out I got this awesome Catalina ad:

Buy Purina Band Dog Snacks, any size, any variety between 5/30 &
Buy 2 Get $1 OYNSO
Buy 3 Get $2.50 OYNSO
Buy 4 or more Get $4 OYNSO
What makes this deal so awesome (IMO) is, for one, there are Purina Chew-eez sticks which are regularly priced at .99 cents. So, buy 4 of them, pay $3.96 and get a catalina for $4 off your next shopping order. Wash, Rinse and Repeat - Free Dog Treats!

Also, there are Purina Tiny T Bonz Snacks for $2.99 and Buzy Bones 2 pks are $3.29. There are coupons for $1.50 off these also so if you buy 4 of the above - it will only be $2 or a little more for 4 pks of doggie snacks!

Here are all the coupons that I know of that are out for these:

$1.50/1 Purina Carvers Brand Snacks (6/16/08) 3/16/08 SS1
$1.50/1 Purina T Bonz Snacks Porterhouse Flavor or Tiny T Bonz (8/15/08) (5/11/08 SS) (4/6/08 SS)
$2/1 Purina Chew-eez Carvers – Non Insert?
$1.50 Purina Chew-eez Rolls (8/15/08) (5/11/08 SS) (4/6/08 SS)
$1.50 Purina Busy Bone (7/6/08) (4/6/08 SS) (5/11/08 SS)$1.50
Purina Carvers (6/16/08) (3/16/08 SS)


Jon Pape said...

Meijer has lots of Printable Grocery Coupons in their Mealbox promotion (mealbox.meijer.com).

One Mom, Five Kids said...

Thank you! I keep forgetting abou these coupons.

Crystal Paine said...

I'm so sorry that someone copied and pasted this deal from your blog and emailed it to me without giving your credit! Thanks for letting me know. I re-wrote it so that it wasn't copied from your blog and also gave you credit. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!