Friday, June 13, 2008

Give Honest Feedback to Companies and Get Coupon Rewards

One of the ways you can get extra coupons is by contacting companies and let them know what you think about their products. You would be surprised at how many companies appreciate good honest feedback from their customers. After all, if customers didn’t give them feedback, they would never know how well they are doing. Most companies are more than happy to send you coupons for giving honest feedback, asking questions, making suggestions or requesting additional information about their products.

You might think contacting companies is only limited to the products you buy at the store. However, you can contact restaurants, stores, gas stations, drug companies, dry cleaners or any other company who you do business with.

You might ask what you say to a company you wish to write. First, be honest. Let them know how their product or service has improved your life. What did you like or dislike about it. If you are writing because something was wrong with the product, let them know the UPC number and give them as much detail as possible so they can research and find out what the problem was. If you are disappointed in their product, do not be rude about it – mistakes happen and mistakes can only be fixed with positive feedback. Also, remember if you are writing to a company leave your name and address or they won’t be able to send you coupons.

If you wish to contact companies by phone, you can usually find a toll free number on the product. If you wish to contact the company via Internet to send them an email, you can find most companies by typing the name into Google or by going to this web site GMA. You can also find company’s mailing addresses at this site: Consumer Action Website. Another helpful resource is ConAgra , which list toll free numbers for all their products.

A few tips I have learned:

From my experience, I wouldn’t waste time by writing to major companies like Kraft, Pillsbury or Betty Crocker. I have found these companies unwilling to send any coupons upon request. They often do have coupons for their products in the Sunday inserts and according to them; this should sustain their customers.

When contacting restaurants, don’t contact the main headquarters. Instead, write or call the local place of business. Restaurant managers who run each individual business seem to be a lot nicer than the main headquarters. I don’t know why.

In addition, organic companies are very nice and generous about sending coupons. They often don’t do any major advertising and they love hearing from their customers.

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OnlyOnSale said...

I have gotten many coupons using this method. Great post idea :)

aer said...

I wrote to Orowheat when they made the miniloaf. I was thrilled that I wouldn't be wasting a half loaf of bread every week, so I emailed my praises. They not only emailed back personally, but sent me coupons for FREE loaves of bread.

Oh, and I love your blog!