Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuna Salad with Grated Onions

We love tuna salad and every time I make it I add chopped onions. I love the taste of the tuna, mayo and onions - but I don't like the raw onion chunks. I can never seem to chop them small enough to satisfy my 'no chunk desire'. Then the other day as I was making tuna salad - it came to me - grate the onion. This was perfect! Grating the onion made the pieces small enough - no chunks - and gave that great onion flavor I like in my tuna salad.

Has anyone else tried this?


Erin said...

I've never tried grating them, but do stick them in my small food processor.

Great idea!

Therese said...

My SIL does this for her potato salad-great idea!