Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stores Gain Customers and Customers Save Money by Price Matching

The reason stores have sales is to try and lure you in to shop at their store. With so many stores and sales, it can be hard to keep track of each one to make sure you are getting the best deal. Not to mention it can be time consuming and cost a lot in gas going to different stores for different sales.

So, as an added benefit to customers some stores will price match. Price matching is when a store will allow you to purchase a product at their competitor’s price. By doing this, it’s a win-win situation. The customer is happy because they are getting the product for the sale price they wanted and the store is happy for gaining the customers business, which they might not have had otherwise.

Like most things in the land of saving money, price matching can be a little time consuming and each store will have there own price matching policy. Most of the time stores will require you to have proof of the competitor’s sale price. This proof is usually a sales ad. Depending on the store, you can take the proof either to the customer service desk or cashier and let them know what you would like to purchase and show them the competitor’s ad. Usually they will have to do some checking and maybe even get a supervisors permission and ring the product up differently than they normally would.

Sometimes it can be frustrating going through all these little steps. Every little step means more time and in the end you could end up spending 20 minutes or more getting the product at the price you want. Some people may ask why bother? Well, I look at it this way: Saving money means making money. If I spend 15 minutes trying to get a product price matched and I end up saving $20, really, I would have made $80 an hour. Not many people can say they make $80 an hour.

Another great benefit is if you find a product you would like to buy at a store that doesn’t take coupons, price match it at a store that does. This way you get double the savings.

Remember, every store is different regarding their price matching policies. If this is something you wish to do, call your store ahead of time and find out what is their price matching policy.


Erica said...

I'm new to this, but I get a thrill when I get an item for a rock-bottom price. I check my receipts at the end of each trip to see what % I've saved.