Monday, August 18, 2008

Creative Uses for Free Product Coupons

Free product coupons are manufacturer coupons which when redeemed, will instantly refund you the price of the product. You can find coupons for free products several different ways. Occasionally in the Sunday coupon inserts, they will issue coupons for free products. You can sometimes find other free product coupons by special store promotions, mail in rebate forms, home coupon mailers, contest/sweepstakes or straight from the manufacture. While it’s great to get a free product coupon, have you ever thought about the best use for them? I know your thinking, what’s better then free? Well, there are several ways you can put your free product coupon to even better use.

The following are some ideas on the best way you can use your free product coupons:

Buy One Get One Free Sales

Save your free product coupons and wait for a sale. If your store has a product on sale for buy one get one free, you can use this in combination with your free product coupon. Simply purchase two products and get one free from the store and the other free with your coupon.

Coupon Swap

If you have a free product coupon for a product you can’t use, swap it with other coupons that you can use. You can do this several ways. There are online coupons swapping groups, message boards or yahoo groups who love swapping coupons. You can also check and see if there is a local swap group where people in your area get together and swap coupons. If there isn’t one – it might be worthwhile and fun to start your own coupon-swapping group.

Store Promotions

Sometimes stores will have special promotions such as purchasing $100 worth of groceries and get $20 off your shopping order. Most of the time this price is before coupons, so if you use your free product coupons to help you reach your $100 goal. By doing this, your not really spending any more money but still reaching your $100 goal so you can get $20 extra bucks off your shopping order.


Some stores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and others have monthly rebate promotions. If their promotion is for the same product you have a coupon for, you can purchase the product, use your free product coupon and then send in for the rebate and get the money back (before coupons). You can also do this with other mail in rebates that are not store related.


Mrs. Alspaugh said...

I use coupons and never thought to look for a BOGO for a free coupon. I just bought a bunch off of Ebay. Soo glad that I read this. Thank You!!