Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obtaining Multiple Sunday Insert Coupons

Obtaining multiple coupons allows you to purchase more than one product when there is a good sale. If Hormel Chili is on sale for $1.00 and you have a .50 coupon for it – you might think that’s a good deal. You know your husband eats 5 of these a week – but you only have one coupon. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more than one coupon so you could buy several of them and save with coupons on each one? By doing this, also helps to build your stockpile, which is another way to save money and stretch your food budget.

The following are some great ways to get multiple coupons:

*Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers, kids’ teachers or anyone else you can think of for their Sunday coupon inserts. Even if they say, they clip their coupons, if you can have their leftovers. Often, people will only clip a few coupons out of the Sunday paper and just throw the rest away.

*Ask your newspaper carrier if they have any coupon inserts left over after they stuff the papers.

*Dumpster diving is another great way to find Sunday insert coupons. Make sure you ask permission first so your sure not to break any trespassing laws. You can also check with your Recycling Center to see if they have a newspaper bin you can look through for coupons.

*Many places like coffeehouses, fast food restaurants and hotels have complementary newspapers. Ask the manager if it’s okay if you have the coupon inserts.

*Check with your stores or gas stations the following Monday and ask if they have any extra papers left over. If so, ask if you can have, the coupon inserts out of them. You can also opt to buy extra papers. If you choose to do this check with your store the following day, sometimes they will discount their Sunday papers.

*Sometimes, some towns or city papers will have coupon inserts in their mid week newspapers so make sure you check to see if yours does.

*If you are having a hard time finding multiple coupons, you can also trade for them. Someone else, somewhere else has had great luck finding multiple coupons and is willing to trade them for the ones you need.

What are some ways you find extra coupons?