Monday, September 1, 2008

Places to Find Non Sunday Insert Coupons

Most people know the main source of coupons that comes from the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. However, maybe once in a while you have come across a coupon you have never seen before and it didn’t look like the typical coupon from the Sunday coupon inserts. Maybe you’re wondering where else can you find coupons besides the Sunday paper. Coupons that are not found in the Sunday paper are called non-insert coupons. Most of the time these are really cool coupons to have because they can be higher in value, for products not usually found in the Sunday inserts or just coupons not everyone else gets.

Here are some ways you can find more non-insert coupons.

Store Samples: Don’t overlook the sample lady at the store who is frying up little sausages on a mini skillet. She is usually loaded with coupons for the product she wants you to sample. Remember, you don’t have to buy it that same day. You can wait for a better sale, take them to another store where the product is cheaper or you can trade them. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few extras. What’s the most they can say? No? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Writing to Companies: The best way to get free product and high value non insert coupons is by writing to companies and letting them know how much you like their products. Usually the only time a company hears from their customers is when they have a complaint. When a customer writes to them on a positive note letting them know what a good job they are doing they are more than happy to send coupons.

Internet Printed Coupons: Internet printed coupons are becoming very popular. A lot of manufactures will have coupons you can print by going to their website. More often now stores will also have coupons you can either print out and redeem or just click and add them to your store card. Check with your store first because not all store will accept internet printed coupons.

Keep your eyes open! There are coupons everywhere once you learn where to look for them. You may even find coupons in places you least expect. Check your wine section for wine tags, look for tear pads, in store displays, blinkie machines, bonus boxes. Check in magazines for coupons, on product packages and even in your gas station sometimes you can find coupons.

Where are some good places you have found non insert coupons?