Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review: Dove Exfoliating Daily Cleansing Pillows

Product Description: Dove Exfoliating Daily Cleansing Pillows come in a convenient oval shaped cleansing pad. The oval shape makes for easy cleaning so you can hold the pillow length ways along your fingers and grasp it with your thumb. These pillows are packaged dry and have cleanser in the middle, which is easily activated with a little warm water and by squeezing gently to lather. One side of the pad is soft for cleansing and the other side is textured for exfoliation. After using discard the cleansing pillow in the trash, do not flush.

Price: $3.99 for 14 cleansing pillows

Packaging: Dove Cleansing Pillows are packaged in a neat rectangle plastic container with a see through lid. Before using, you will need to slide the plastic lid off and peel back the foil seal. Then just slide the plastic lid back on to keep the dust and dirt out between uses.

My Review: These little cleansing pillows puff up and give off a great lather for lots of cleaning. I am thrown between whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. My frugal side says it's a waist that it has so much cleanser in it and it might be more practical to just buy my own (non cleansing) pads and cleanser so I can better control how much cleanser I am using and not waist so much. However, there is another side of me that sees how I can make the most of something so it doesn't go to waist. With that said, I have been known to use the cleansing pillows on her upper arms, chest and shoulders after cleansing my face as not to waist the extra cleanser. There is certainly plenty to do it all.

The cleanser rinses off easily and leaves my face feeling smooth, tight and clean. I defiantly like the dual textured pad to help exfoliate and clean. I also like the oval shape of the pillow that fits perfectly on your fingertips for easy cleaning.

Dove Exfoliating Daily Cleansing Pillows would be a great candidate for traveling. They are small and dry so they would be easy to take along and have all you need to clean your face while on the go. They are totally disposable (do not flush - throw away) so no need to bring anything back home and less you have to bring back home to unpack.