Saturday, September 6, 2008

Review on Boboli 3 Pack Pizza Sauce

Product Description: Boboli Pizza Sauce is pre measured and individually packaged in three separate packs.

Price: $2.29

Directions: Open pouch and use anywhere or on anything, you would normally use pizza sauce.
Location and Packaging: Boboli 3 pack pizza sauce comes in a convenient, easy to store box and can be found where you find other pizza ingredients at your grocery store. Most stores have a whole Boboli section with many other Boboli products such as varies sizes pre made pizza crust and pizza kits.

My Review:

My reason for buying Boboli 3 pack pizza sauce is because I had received a $2 coupon off any Boboli product and wanted to try something new. I honestly don’t think I would have bought it without the coupon because it is a little more expensive compared to other pizza sauces – however I did find it to be less wasteful – so it’s one of those situations.

Boboli pizza sauce has a sweet-tangy, tomato taste which is seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder and other spices. The consistency of Boboli pizza sauce is just right – not to thick or thin. Each pouch has a perforated notch at the top corners for easy opening and the sauce pours smoothly from the pouch with little hassle of getting every drop. The sauce also spreads easily over the pizza dough and is just the right amount for a 12-inch, large pizza.

Boboli 3 pack pizza sauce makes it easy if your counting calories. Each packet is 5 oz (1/4 cup) and just 100 calories per pack, or two servings per pack at 50 calories per pack.

In the past whenever I have bought pizza sauce in the can and have ended up either wasting a half can or adding too much sauce to my pizza so that I don’t waist it. With these pre measured pizza sauce packs there is just the right amount. Whether you use one or two pouches, the remainder is sealed tight to remain fresh and not go to waist. You can’t do that when you open a can.

Besides great tasting pizza sauce, Boboli pizza sauce is great for many other things. In the past I have used them for dipping bread sticks, pizza rolls, lasagna and veal parmesan. It may be just pizza sauce but this product has many possibilities.

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, high fructose corn syrup, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, modified tapioca starch, spices, and citric acid