Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Hair Cut from Herbal Essences

Free Hair Cut from Herbal Essences

Enter 2 UPC codes from speciality marked bottles of Herbal Essences and print out your coupon for a free hair cut! How simple is that?!


What Shampoo/Conditioner collections are participating?
collections that are participating are specially marked bottles of Hello
Hydration, Body Envy, Long Term Relationship, Color Me Happy and Totally
Twisted. Specially marked bottles will have a green sticker on the front
featuring the free haircut offer as indicated in the bottles to the right.

Where can I redeem my voucher? Once your redemption form,
original receipts, and original Proof of Purchase UPC codes been received and
processed by TLC, you will be mailed a voucher which will include a website that
will have a list of venues. Venue locations will not be provided prior to you
receiving your voucher in the mail due to agreements made between TLC and
participating venues.

How will we know if a participating hair salon is near us? Wouldn't it suck to buy the product, send in for the rebate only to find out we have to drive 30 minutes to get the free hair cut?

But then, I guess I find some of my answer here:

What if there is not a participating salon within 30 miles of my
If there is not a participating salon within 30 miles of
your residence, then please contact TLC’s Concierge service at the phone number
listed on your voucher and alternative arrangements will be made with you.

I guess they do expect you to drive up to 30 minutes for your free hair cut. After the cost of gas for that 30 minute drive, is it really a free hair cut anymore? Wish they would just be upfront about the hair salons which are participating so that I can decide how far I want to drive or even if I want to get my hair cut at a particular salon. What's the big secret anyways?

I guess this is good news:

Are there any restrictions to this offer?
Yes, only one (2) Reward Voucher can be used per person and two (2) Reward Vouchers per household. Only one (1) Reward Voucher can be used per visit.