Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Hansen Coupon Refreshment Book

Free Hansen Coupon Refreshment Book

About the Book:

Hansen's has developed "The Official Team Refreshment Book" for soccer
teams. The book contains over $100 in valuable offers, including:

Valuable Snack Parent Coupons or Rebate for Sodas, Smoothies and Juice
Slam products: twelve (12) pages of rebates or coupons for Sodas, Smoothies, and
Juice Slams will help cover the team's drinks for the entire season

Hansen's Soda 6 pack for Coach - As a thank you for distributing these exclusive
Team Hansen's offers, please enjoy a free 6 pack of Hansen's Natural Soda.

An exclusive Hansen's Sticker Sheet for your team to proudly showcase on
all of your gear.

Snack Parent Log to keep track of snack assignments
for each game

My sons soccer games just ended, I wish I could have found this while he was still playing. Hopefully next year...