Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Proud Mama of a 4 Year Old Bargain Hunter

While at Kroger today, I stopped by the baby section to get some baby oil. I saw a few more catalina deals and was trying to read them and do some math in my head. My 4 year old daughter was knelt down looking at something on the lower shelf with excitement, "Look Mommy, Look!" I briefly looked down to see the NutriPals Granola Bars - she loves these things. I said something like, 'Yum Yum," and went back to doing math in my head. She continued to get excited, "Look - Look Nola Bars. I got these at home. Mommy Look!" She was getting so excited and I looked over again and I saw the yellow tag: 2/$6! It instantly clicked; $5/2 PediaSure 6 pk product coupons! I stopped working on whatever deal it was and knelt down beside her and asked her if she found a bargain. She said yes! It was so darn cute you just had to be there. I got in my coupon box and found a couple coupons and got 4 boxes. At .50 cents a box I couldn't pass it up and that is my bottom line price for granola bars.

So, I was excited and she was excited and we get up to the cashier and he wouldn't accept the coupons. He said the coupon was for the 6 pack PediaSure shakes. I pointed out that the coupon says 'any PediaSure 6 pack product', and showed him that the boxes of granola bars were all 6 packs. He said that wasn't right and said that the coupon was only for the shakes. I really liked this cashier and he's always been very nice to me in the past so I let it go. Clearly one of us was confused on what a 6 pack product was.

Tomorrow I will call PediaSure and ask them what product(s) is the coupon intended for.

Meanwhile, I am tickled pink that my 4 year old spotted that bargain. Maybe it was just a conquincidence -- or maybe I am raising a future bargain shopper.


Jennifer said...

I would be proud too!

cheapsk8mom said...

yeah, i totally had to share this...
thanks for making me smile!!