Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dirty Lying Telemarketers

The following is a true story!

Today the phone rings and the caller ID reads: Kaplan University. Against my better judgement, because none of my children are old enough yet for college, I answer the phone.

Me: Hello?
Telemarketer: Can I speak to Richard. (Richard is my husband)
Me: Can I ask who's calling?
T: This is Natasha calling from Kaplan University, is Richard there?
Me: What's this regarding?

At this time the babies came running though the house laughing and all I heard was something about him contacting them about a bachelor. I didn't put it together that this was a university calling so I said -

Me: Well, you have the wrong number cause he's not a bachelor.
T: He's not?
Me: No, he's not. I'm his wife.
T: Oh, I mean a bachelor degree. He contacted us because he was interested in obtaining a bachelor degree in accounting.

Now at this point I am starting to wonder why I am even talking to this person and why I haven't hung up already. But this was interesting. For one, my husband has been doing his kind of work for over 20 years - and it has nothing to do with accounting. For two, I would think if he was suddenly going to have a major career change at the age of 45, he would have consulted me, his wife, which he did not.

Me: That's interesting, I wasn't aware that he was looking to change his carer path. I don't even know how he would have time to, as we have 5 children and he works a full time job. I've never even heard of your university, where are you located at?
T: Our headquarters is in Florida, but we have stations all over. We specialize in online courses which is why he might have contacted us if he has a busy life he can take classes online.
Me: Well, Natasha, while this whole conversation has been rather interesting I have come to the conclusion that you are a liar. My husband never called you and my husband isn't interested in any of your online courses.

With that I hung up. (Then quickly called my husband at work to make sure he didn't call someone about online classes. He laughed and said he was not.)

Later, I thought. You know these telemarketers are getting awfully brave. It's one thing to call and ask me if I need new windows or siding for my house - now they are calling and out right lying about someone in my household calling them.

My husband and I are blessed, and don't have any marital problems. However, I am left to wonder, what kind of problems this could cause a marriage that was having problems by possibly causing additional disbelief and trust issues.

Shame Shame Shame on you Natasha!


Laurie said...

I HATE telemarketers!!! They definitely have no values, if they can lie to people for a living!! I get that everybody needs to make money somehow, but I'd rather work at McDonald's than lie to people!

marina said...

it can cause problems, if a marraige is collapsing and other lies are tied into this would not be a good wrong number.
Have a great weekend, I gave you a shout out on our blog!
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