Monday, November 24, 2008

I Took The Day Off!

Yesterday I took the day off. I got up around 8, layed down on the couch and didn't move until after NOON. (I know, I'm a bad bad bad girl!) My husband made me some hot cocoa/coffee, I glanced at the ads but really just didn't have any interest in deal hunting. I think I am going to take the whole week off from all couponing and deal hunting. Sometimes you just need a break from it, ya know? It felt good to just relax and not map out my game plan for the week.

One of the goals I wanted to set for myself this year was to make my whole Thanksgiving dinner from whatever I had in my stockpile (with the exception of produce and the turkey, of course) AND without going over my monthly budget. I think I can do this, although I haven't added up my November spending yet - I think it's still possible.

I went yesterday to get my turkey. Kroger was having a deal, $7 off a 10+ lb turkey or $12 off a 20 lb or more turkey. After hunting, pulling, lifting and breaking my back sorting through the frozen turkey bin - the smallest one I could find was 15.22 lbs for $18.11. With $7 off that it would have cost $11.11 for a 15 lb turkey. Then I found a turkey that was 20.01 lbs for $23.81. Since it was over 20 lbs, it would have been $12 off, so it would have cost $11.81. In case I lost you, basically, after the discount, the 20 lb turkey would have cost (almost) the same as the 15 lb turkey. So, of course, I got the 20 lb turkey even though we didn't really need one that big, I can always freeze the leftovers or make other meals with it.

I also got some sweet potatoes, white potatoes, green peppers, onions, french bread, bananas, mushrooms and spent a total of $22.47. I should have everything I need for my Thanksgiving Dinner and I shouldn't need to get anything else (except milk - which I forgot yesterday so I will need to go back and get about 3 gallons to last the rest of the month). But other than that I am set, and I don't think I went over my monthly budget. We will see though...