Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reader Question: How do you sign up to receive Kroger Coupons in the mail?

A reader asked me how you sign up to receive Kroger coupons in the mail. I have an account at http://www.kroger.com/ (not with the Short Cut coupons or P&G no clip/click coupons) but with the Kroger main site. If I remember correctly I signed up and then I had to go to my profile to detail my account. That is where it asked me if I would like to receive mailings, special offers and coupons in the mail. It also asked me what kind of coupons I would like to receive, in which I told them I would like to receive coupons for fresh meat, veggies, fruit and other things I can not normally find coupons for.

I think the key here is, after signing up, you will need to go back into your profile and fine tune your account and let them know you would like to receive coupons and home mailings from them. Of course I am saying all this from memory because I already have an account so I can't really remember. Just make sure, after signing up to go back and edit your profile information, here it will ask you about your family members and pets. This way they know what kind of coupons you might be interested in. Also edit account details to make sure you are signed up for all their promotions, there are 3 boxes you can check.

I hope this information helps. If anyone else has any tips, please share.


Sonia said...

I usually get coupons from Kroger, I hope I get them