Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday ~ My Laundry Room!!!

This is actually more of my husbands tackle than mine, but my laundry room is finished!!!

Let me first explain that my laundry room was my pride and joy. Not only cause it was a happy place I could go to, to do something I hated, ie: laundry, it was were I kept all my stockpile and food storage items. I think anyone who coupons and stockpiles can relate when I say my stockpile is my pride and joy. When we first moved in this house a few years ago, the laundry room in the basement was dirty and dark. I had worked very hard, painting the floor, the walls, stencled and cleaned and making it a nice bright cheery place.

Then the flood happened, and I nearly lost my all of my stockpile. Not only that, but because it was sewer water that came from the heavy rains, the sanitation crew had to rip out the dry wall from about 3 - 4 feet up and some of the framing. There went all my hard work and stenciling that I had done. They also cleaned and sanitized the floor, and in doing so scrapped up all the painting I had done. It was a real mess and really depressing.

So these past few weeks my husband has been working very hard trying to get my laundry room rebuilt. He got all the framing and dry wall put up a few weeks ago, then painted the walls and last weekend he painted the floor. I LOVE IT!!! I love going down and doing my laundry now - it's so pretty and clean! I didn't' get any 'before pics' but trust me - it was a MESS - dirty and dusty and yucky.

Here are my after pics -

Here is a close up of the floor. I loved the little sprinkles he put in the paint!

Now I can really work on rebuilding my stockpile again.


Susie said...

That a beautiful tackle!!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love that floor!

The Happy Housewife said...

OH MY WORD!!!! That is awesome, love the floor and the stock piling!

Jen said...

Wow - were you able to save anything at all from the flood? Your room looks amazing! I never thought about painting the floor, what a great idea!