Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't Throw Away Your Free Kashi Coupon...

...Like I almost did.

If you received the free sample Kashi Cereal Bar from VocalPoint - double check your box before throwing it out.

I received this adorable box with a sample of Kashi Cereal bar in the mail yesterday.

Later that night when my husband, 'the box maker' got home from work, I showed the box to him for his inspection. He likes neat little packages like this, and he was impressed as well. Apparently we were both so impressed by the box we nearly missed the coupon clues inside the box. I'm not talking about the very generous $2 coupons - there is another 'secretly hidden' coupon.

In case your are blind like I am, over on the right hand side of the box it says 'Peel Here'. Peel up the peelie on the bottom of the box and there is a coupon for a FREE box of Kashi Cereal bars! I can't believe I almost threw this away! What a generous gift! Thank you Kashi!

BTW - These cereal bars ROCK! They are soft and and very delicious!
BTWW - Check out VocalPoint where you can print out $2 Kashi Cereal Bar coupons.