Monday, February 16, 2009

Money Saving Coupon Strategies

There are many different strategies to using coupons to save money you may not have thought of before. Some of these strategies depend on your store and how they ring things up and what they will and will not accept. If your cashier does not accept one of these strategies, I suggest checking with the store manager, as not all cashiers know all the coupon rules.

Buy One Get One Free – If your store is having a buy one get one free sale, you should be able to use two coupons. You are after all purchasing two items. Sometimes it depends on how the store rings up the products, do they ring them up by giving you each product half price or do they ring up one product full price and don’t charge you for the second one. Either way, you have the opportunity to save even more by using two coupons during a buy one get one free sale.

Manufacture and Store Coupons – Did you know, most stores will allow you to use a their store coupon and a manufacture coupon together on one product? CVS and Walgreens are wonderful about this; however there have been a few stores who do not allow this, so check with your store first.

Free Trial Sizes – Sometimes you can get free trial size products by using coupons. Manufacture coupons sometimes don’t list a size on them or they say something like, ‘good on any size’. Usually these coupons are for health and beauty items. Most department stores like Walmart and Target will have large trial size sections where they sell trial sizes for around $1.00, sometimes less. If you if you have a coupon for $1.00 off a product they have in their trial size section and the coupon doesn’t state a size on it, then you could get the product free or almost free.

Smaller Is Better – Many people find deals and save money by buying in bulk. However, if you are using coupons to save money, it’s almost always cheaper to buy several smaller packages or individual items. This way you can use a coupon for each smaller package or product, rather than buying one large product and using only one coupon.

Different Regions – Different Values – Not everyone gets the same coupons or the same amount for coupons found in the Sunday paper. Some regions will get coupons for certain products while other regions will not get that coupon at all. In addition, the same coupon could have different values; depending on what region, you are in. For example: Somewhere in California, they might get a coupon for .50 cents off Daisy Sour Cream, meanwhile someone in Florida will get a coupon for $1.00 off Daisy Sour Cream. This could be beneficial knowledge in the coupon trading world, depending on what your stores coupon policies are.

What are some of your best ideas on using coupons to maximize your savings?