Friday, April 3, 2009

Earthbound Farm Freebies!

Did I ever tell ya, I love Earthbound Farm?


Well, I do!

Fact: Earthbound Farm is the one and only organic produce I can feel good about buying - without going bankrupt! Back in the day I always wanted to eat organic produce - but the cost of it would send me running the other way. Earthbound Farms fresh organic veggies, fruits and salads are always on sale AND they are one of the few who actually give you coupons!

Imagine that!

Coupons for Organic Produce + Good Sale Price = You eat healthy and don't go bankrupt doing so!

Well, Earthbound Farms has now done it again. By going to their website: , and taking their Earth Day Pledge and you could win a Free reusable shopping tote and/or receive a printable coupon for $1/2 any Earthbound Farm products!

To win the Free reusable tote you need to be one of the first 10,000 people to take the pledge each week in April, so if you miss out make sure you try again at the beginning of the week.

Also, the printable coupon dosn't expire until 12/31/09 - which is fantastic! I love those nice long expiration dates for us 'remembering challenged' folk out here.