Sunday, April 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - 4/13/09

I am a Menu Plan Monday newbie - but not new to menu planning. I usually prefer to do things on a larger scale so when I plan a menu - I usually do it for a month. Along with the cooking for a month. But seems how lately things haven't been going quiet as planned - imagine that.

Monday - Leftovers (Yes, I totally realize I am starting the week off with leftovers - but that's just the way life is in my fridge right now.)

Tuesday - Chicken Broccoli Salad (1 of the fresh broccoli's and 1 of the bagged salad I bought Sunday.)
Wednesday - Loaded Potatoes and Salad (2 of the fresh broccoli's and 2 of the bagged salad I bought Sunday. Tuesday I will cook extra chicken for the potatoes today. These potatoes are a meal in itself. I plan on loading them with chicken, cottage cheese and broccoli - and maybe anything else I find.)

Thursday - Lentils and Cornbread (Using 1/2 bag of the carrots bought Sunday)

Friday - Chicken Wild Rice Soup (This was made from scratch last month and frozen.)

One of the things I like to do when planning a menu is make notes and keep track of my fresh veggies I am using. Since I try and plan my menu around my fresh veggies I want to make sure I use them all. In this menu I will use 2 of the 3 broccoli's I bought yesterday and the 3rd one will be used during the week for the babies lunches, along with the other 1/2 bag of carrots. They love broccoli and carrots with ranch dressing.


~Sara said...

LOL I am starting off the week with leftovers too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, nothing wrong with leftovers on a Monday! Personally, I'd say that was some good planning.

Nellie Butler said...

We're having leftovers today too. That's a money saver, though! And they're actually pretty good leftovers, so I'm looking forward to it--and more importantly--the night off of menu planning!

I just tagged you for the 8 tag. No pressure!

Nellie Butler said...

Oh, forgot to put the link for the 8 tag, in case you're like me and had no clue what it is: The Juggling Homemaker

michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by! Dont feel bad about the leftovers! We ate Easter lunch left overs that same night and my husband took some for lunch the next time! Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do! I bought my daughter's dress at Ross for $6!

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

I just found your blog and love it! I can't wait to come back and read more when I have time!