Sunday, April 5, 2009

Usable Frugal Easter 'Basket' Idea

I absolutely hate spending money on those cheap baskets that just seem to be in the way long after Easter is over. Don't even think about throwing them away. I mean, that's The Easter Basket - Mom! Even when they start falling apart and you realize you have nothing for the past month except pick up broken basket pieces all over the place - don't even think about throwing it away. I find it's easier to wait until it slowly seeks to the bottom of the toy box and forgotten about for a few weeks and then sneak it outside to the garbage cans while no one is looking. This usually happens after they come to me with a sad face because the side has detached itself from the bottom and everything they put in it - falls out. And of course - they want me to fix it. Like I am some Magical Cheap Basket Fixin' Wizard.

When I was little my mother would use a Easter Frisbee to use as our basket. The Frisbee served as a basket for our candy and what-nots - and then we played with the Frisbee afterwards. Today, I try to go along with this same idea. So, this afternoon I went to Walgreen's to pick up the babies Easter baskets. Yes, I realize the 'babies' I am talking about are now 3 and 5 years old and not really babies anymore - but they are still my babies none-the-less.

Here is what I got:

These bowls and the matching plates were $1 each and will be perfect for the babies Easter baskets. Plus, afterwards they can use them at meal time. Right now they both have a character bowls, but they have been using them for the past few years and they are worn out and discolored. They will be so excited to get new brightly colored matching plates and bowls.


Celia said...

Good Idea! For mine I give them a plastic re-useable storage container that they can use all year long. They usually end up putting toys in it.

Erin said...

I am going to make my girls some empty paint can "baskets" using my uppercase living lettering I am going to add their names in different colors and an easter bunny or easter egg to the left of the name. I figure it is something that I can use year after year that is sturdy.(I guess we will have to see!!!) I will post a picture once I get them done!

Susie said...

What a neat idea!! The basket is the gift! Awesome:-)

Controlling My Chaos said...

What a great idea. I think it makes sense. My kids have been using the same Easter baskets since they were babies. I just have to be sure to put them away, up high, right after the candy is gone.

Giovanna said...

Awesome idea !!! We like to try a different idea each year for Easter baskets. We will definitely put this one on our list.

TA-TA said...

Great idea. One of the usuals we give our kids (or will be giving as the get older) are new sand/water/beach toys. I'm planning on using a bucket as the Easter basket (starting next year, since my DH got 'into' things this year and bought baskets at the $1 store).

I also found out they have edible "grass" at CVS. I didn't see the price. I just heard the clerk talking about it.