Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Make Money With Online Surveys

Yes, there are legitimate ways to earn money online. You won't become rich, and don't think about quiting your job - but who wouldn't like some extra Mad Money for a rainy day? Plus, sometimes the surveys lead to product testing - which I love!

One thing you have to remember with online surveys is to NEVER EVER pay for surveys or pay to receive a list of surveys. Why? Well, for one, I am about to give you a legitimate and FREE list of online surveys - so why would you want to pay for something you are about to get free? Besides that, if they are asking you to send them money it is a scam!

I have been and still am a member to all these places and have been paid several times from each one and have always received payment in a timly manner.

Free Ride


NFO My Survey

Survey Spot

Global Test Market

OTX Survey Exchange


Greenfield Online

My View

Zoom Panel

Your 2 Cents

Test Spin

Pine Cone Research

Harris Poll Online

Buzz Back

Mothers Know Best

Synovate Opinions Panel

NPD Online Research

Global Opinions Panel