Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's my turn - so bug off!

I'm a couponer. I love coupons and saving money. It's my hobby and in a way, it's my job. It's my way of being able to provide more for my household and allows me to stay home and raise my kids instead of shoving them off to the sitters.

I don't get why people get so ticked off at this. You get nasty attitudes from the cashier when you hand her your coupons, why? Because she's at work and has to actually - uhhhh - work? I mean, what else could she be doing besides taking another drink of her pop she has stashed on the side of the cash register. Maybe she's in a hurry to scan the next customers order behind me. Yeah right. If she's so concerned about too many customers standing in her line then maybe customer service needs to open up more than two lanes. That is beside the point. The cashier’s objective is to deal with the customer at hand, and if that means ringing up my coupons, just do the job and do it without the entire attitude. I mean, sometimes these cashiers act like the coupons are coming out of their paycheck.

Then you have the customer standing behind you in line making rude comments under their breath and giving you dirty looks. Hey, I'm not complaining or griping about the fact that they are paying too much for their stuff so why do they have a problem with me wanting to save some money? Maybe they are in a hurry? Who cares? I'm in a hurry too. Like the two extra minutes, that it takes to ring up my coupons is going to affect the out come of global warming. (Which, by the way, you do know is a conspiracy, right?) I've even had people comment that I didn't tell them I had coupons. So what? It's non of their business. I can imagine the weird looks I would get if I turned to the person behind me and said, 'I'm planning on paying with coupons and a debit card, will you be writing a check or using a credit card?' The point is; it's my turn, so just shut up and wait in line until I am done. When it's your turn, you are more than welcome to take as much time as you want.


shelli said...

AMEN sister! And don't be making fun of me for using my $200 worth of coupons unless you don't mind me making fun of you for wasting your money!!!