Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 2008

Welp. This month I really blew my monthly grocery and household budget of $250.

Here are the readings:

Retail Cost: $1111.14
Store/Coupon Savings: $605.24
Extra Care Bucks: $121.42
Total Paid: $420.42


Incoming Money

Mail In Rebates: $40.16
Surveys: $5.00
AC: $22.53
Total: $67.69

Although everything was higher this month, Savings, ECB's, Incoming Money - I still have to look back and see why I went so far over my budget.

Here are a few things I discovered:

Alright, I honestly can't blame this cute face for blowing my budget. This is our new Beagle pup we got a few weeks ago. The cost of puppy food and treats were something I totally underestimated. However, I am hoping to get stocked up on some of these things so I can get the cost under control.

These spring dishes I bought on impulse at CVS with a 25% coupon. They probably shouldn't have been counted towards my grocery and household budget. I wanted some dishes for this summer so when we eat outside I don't have to worry about my glass plates getting broken.

That and the added Easter Candy and gifts I bought, probably shouldn't have been counted, but because I bought them at the stores I normally shop at for food and household items, they got counted in.

Now at least I can look back and see where my over spending went and hopefully this month I can get back on track.


The Barber Bunch said...


We have 2 Beagles here! They are great dogs!


One Mom, Five Kids said...

Yes, we really lucked out getting this Beagle. She's such a great dog and has brought a lot of happiness and liveliness in our home.