Saturday, March 8, 2008

January 2008 Ledger

There are a couple new things I wanted to do regarding how I am tracking my savings and incoming money. I wanted to keep track of my ECB's and Easy Saver rebates. ECB's are cash coupons from CVS for buying certain products. Easy Saver rebates are rebates Walgreen rewards you with for buying certain products. The ECB's and Easy Saver rebates are not counted until I actually use them. The reason for tacking these - curiosity. That's all.

Also, I am going to start including all stamps and Pay Pal I use for coupons in my total amount spent. I sometimes need to use these to obtain the coupons I need for sales so they should be considered part of my monthly bill. Hopefully this will also help me not to be so wasteful in trading for coupons I end up not using.

Here are my totals for all food and household items for January:

Retail Cost: $899.66
Coupon/Store Savings: $555.79
Extra Care Bucks: $56.99
Total Paid: $288.07


Incoming Money

Mail In Rebates: $8.00
Surveys: $30.00
Total: $38.00