Saturday, March 8, 2008

2008 Money and Savings Goals

My ending results for 2007 sucked. I was a real slacker most of the year. It's disappointing knowing I could have done so much better.

My monthly budget is $250 dollars a month. This includes all household, food and pet items for a household with 5 kids, 2 adults and 1 cat. My total spending for 2007 was:

Before Coupons: $6,710.29
Store/Coupon Savings: 4,067.73
Total Paid: $2,482.29

My total incoming money for 2007 was $494.46. This includes all surveys, mail in rebates and anything else that brings in money.

I'm a little disappointed in the ending results mainly cause I know I can do better. My goal for 2008 is to at least double my savings and incoming money without increasing my monthly budget of $250.

What I need to do to accomplish this is:

1. Be more motivated.
2. Be more organized. If I can't find the coupons I can't save money.
3. Send rebates in on time.
4. Seek out more trades and coupons I need.
5. Take advantage of stock up sales to last.