Monday, March 3, 2008

Customer should cut ties to tainted coupons

Customer should cut ties to tainted coupons

I had to kind of laugh when I read this.

First of all, what does this lady expect? She goes to the store in her CAR to buy a FREEZER and expects the store to magically fit it into her CAR for her? How many freezers to you know that will fit into a car anyways? And that is called bad customer service because they can't? Some stores don't offer delivery services, tie downs and trailers.

This is why she went to a store that did! Duh.

They promote these kinds of deals all the time, especially during Frozen Food Month. Buy a freezer and you get $$ amount of coupons for free food. This makes me think that she went to the store, bought the freezer for the coupons knowing darn well that she couldn't fit it into her car. She then returns the freezer claiming 'bad customer service' and keeps the coupons.

What do you think?


1stopmom said...

That does sound kind of wierd. It really does not make any sense. I wonder is it even worth it to go through all that just for some coupons?