Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Beautiful Day Working Outside

Sunday was such a beautiful day to work outside and get some yard work done so I decided to stimulate the economy and support a small business and went to the local nursery to get some flowers and plants for the yard.

Now, this is what I like to see - my kids slaving away. Earning their keep.

This is a flower bed in front of the garage. Over the winter, all kinds of things had collected there, leaves, sticks, flowers from last year. So we had to get all that cleaned up.

This is the after - still needs some cleaning up around the edge, but looks much better.

I have always wanted a lilac bush. They are so pretty and smell so good.

I finally got one!
It's just tiny right now, but it will grow and cover up that corner of the yard. You can see my compost pile back in the corner between the shed and fence.

Here are the colorful flowers I planted along the right side of my fence. I love the bright colors of the daisy's.
My husband picked this one out. It dosn't have much color now but it will soon grow tall bright red flowers and add some more color to our yard. This picture dosn't do it justice. It looks and will hopefully look a lot nicer once it starts growing and spouting flowers.

This is an area along side the patio, when we bought the house they had flowers planted here. We soon learned that with all the kids - it was a very inconvenient place to keep a flower bed. So we used some of the grass we dug up from the lilac bush and other plantings to patch it in to start growing grass.

So we didn't have enough grass to patch and filled the rest of the area in with some bio degradable grass seed stuff.

Last but not least, we replanted this hanging pot we had from last year.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Gerbera daisies. The kiddos did a great job!