Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not Me Strikes Again

About 8 months ago, I bought a nice Teflon pot/skillet. Although I begged and pleaded with 'Not Me' to please stop using metal utensils on my skillet - I was heartbroken when I discovered the bottom was completely scratched up. This, of course, frustrates me. Especially since 'Not Me' won't even tell me why he did it.


However, this weekend I feel lots better. Here is why:

As if getting a brand new stock pot, skillet and cutting board wasn't good enough - I got a killer deal on them at Bed Bath & Beyond.

The Stockpot
-$4.00 (20% coupon)
Total: $15.99

Plus this stockpot has a $10 Mail In Rebate! I've never had a stockpot before and I love it! The lid rotates to lock on so the lid wont fall off when you drain the water. It's very nice.

The Chef Pan & Cutting Board
Chef Pan $19.99
Cutting Board $12.99
- $10 ($10/$30 purchase)
Total: $22.98

The Chef Pan also has a $10 Mail In Rebate! This Chef's pan is 11" and so nice! It's very deep and has kind of a scooped bottom. I wasn't planning on getting the cutting board - just the Chefs pan. However I had this coupon for $10/$30 and since the Chef's pan was already $19.99 whatever else I bought would have been free or $10 off. The cutting board I have is huge and I wanted something smaller so when I cut up apples or banana's for the babies. The cutting board is great cause it has rubber on both ends so it wont slide as your cutting.

Chef's Pan, Stockpot, Cutting Board
Before coupons and rebates: $52.97
After coupons and rebates: $18.97

Also, I put all these items on so if they drop in price I can get even more money back.

'Not Me' can have my old pan that is ruined now - Mama's got some new goodies 'Not Me' isn't going to touch!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if "not me" is a cousin of "wasn't me" who visits my home often...

I'm glad you got some nice new pots and a killer deal to boot!

One Mom, Five Kids said...

Ha! Then I wonder if 'Wasn't Me' is also a cousin of 'I don't know'?