Monday, April 21, 2008

Starbucks Coffee Coupons

I personally have never been a big fan of Starbucks. There might have been a total of 3 times I was crazy enough to spend that much on a cup of coffee. Coffee is coffee - it all taste the same - for the most part. McDonald's always has good fresh coffee for half the price of Starbucks. Sometimes for me it's the simpler things in life.

Any who...

I know there are fans of Starbucks out there and thought this story might be of interest.

Starbucks Seeks Jolt From Another Mass Tactic

The coffee chain distributed coupons good for free tall-size coffees every Wednesday through May 28 in USA Today, The Washington Post and several other markets Starbucks declined to reveal. Last week it also passed out coupons in New York City good for a free cup of coffee.

"We know not everyone could make it to the big event last Tuesday [a free giveaway for its new blend], so this was a way to welcome them into the stores over the course of several weeks to taste the coffee for themselves," Starbucks spokeswoman Bridget Baker said. She declined to say if the giveaway is the biggest or longest-running the company has done.


The Happy Housewife said...

I agree with you, five bucks for a cup of coffee is insane... I always say, "if you want to see some broke people go to Starbucks" I walk in there and it is a bunch of college kids and twenty somethings drinking $5 coffees. I know they can't afford it!
Sorry for the mini rant, you struck a nerve!

Mrs. Alspaugh said...

Hello! I got your linky from a yahoo group. ;) Anyways, I see that you shop at Kroger. Did you see the buy any bag of Starbucks coffee and get a Starbucks gift card? I bought my bag last night and used my code online. It says it comes in 2-6 weeks or something. Maybe their coffee is better made at home. LOL

Nice to meet you. :)

One Mom, Five Kids said...

No apologies needed, Happy Housewife. I completely understand. You see those same collage kids drinking their $5 cups of coffee at Starbucks everyday and then complaining to Mummy & Datty that they don't have enough money for books.


Mrs.Alspaugh - I must not have gotten that deal - but wouldn't have done it anyways. Like I said, I am not a fan of Starbucks - so I wouldn't want to buy their coffee at the store just to go to their restaurant and drink more of it.

How much was the bag of coffee and how much was the gift card for? Did you see the deal in the ad - or where?