Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grilling Out Pizza

In the summer I always try not to turn the oven on because I don't want to heat up the house. If the air conditioner is on - turning on the air conditioner is working against you saving money. If the air conditioner isn't on then by turning on the oven will might make you want to turn it on.
Boycotting the oven, even in the summer is really hard sometimes. It leaves cooking limited and when you are craving something baked - it can be tempting.

My answer to this is - my grill. To help save money this summer I am going to try grilling out more. This way I don't heat up my house anymore than I have to and I still get my 'oven meal' I want. It only takes a second to lite the grill and get it going and it seems to heat up a little faster than the oven. Also gas is cheaper than electric so it seems like it's a winner all the way.

This was my first adventure in grilling:

Anyone tried grilling a pizza? It turned out really good. (well the second one did anyways)

My Pizza Grilling Tip: Don't cook it according to package directions. Lower the heat by at least 50 degrees and cook it for about half the time. Just keep your eye on it cause it will cook faster than it will in the oven.

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Candace & Anna said...

What a great idea. I will definitely have to give that a try.

Lynne said...

Why don't you try a solar oven. Meeds no power and keeps the heat outside, and sits there all day cooking happily away in the sunshine. The food does taste a little different at times because you don't put any water in with the food to be cooked. I love to cook pumpkin to make pumpkin soup.
Okay maybe you don't have that in the summertime. I love baked apples stuffed with dates, so o o um m m m m yummy.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

My husband and I both love this idea! He loves it because he loves to fire up the grill. I love it because it won't heat up my house.

One Mom, Five Kids said...

I want to try the solar oven - I think I even posted something about in my blog a while back. The problem is finding someplace in the yard that either the dog or kids will leave alone for that long. But really - the solar oven would be a great project for the older kids this summer. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Teresa - My husband loves firing up the grill also! What is with men and the grill?

Shel said...

I've always wanted to try grilling pizza. As soon as we get a grill, that is;-) Looks yummy!