Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Shopping Deals - 5/31/08

Here are a few Meijer deals I got today. Yes - I only went to one store today. I know - I couldn't believe it myself.

Angus Beef was originally $4.49/lb! That's just crazy! I still go into shock sometimes when I see the original price of somethings - since I never pay original price, but I know there are people out there who do.

So, I got these 4 pkgs of Angus Beef, two small steak size ones and two bigger ones that will be good for some stir fry. The meat was on sale for $1.99/lb - which was more than half price off. Also, thanks to a tip from my reader, there were printable Meal Box Meijer Coupons for $1 off a $5 purchase of Angus Beef.

*The 4 packages of beef I bought were 3.07 lbs.
*Originally that would have been $13.78! *Crazy*
*I paid - $5.10 --that's more like it!

I would have gotten more but my printer had other plans.

I got in on the Purina Deal and started getting stocked up on puppy treats. I'm really looking forward to doing this deal again and again before it expires.

Meijer frozen veggies - .50 cents a bag after the printable coupon at Meijer Meal Box.

Now, this is interesting. I picked up this container of chopped green, red and yellow peppers that was 40% off (7 oz container). It was only $1.50 - I know sometimes you can pay $1.50 for just one green pepper. My question is, how much, if anything did I really save buying these? I mean, usually chopped or prepared fruits and veggies are more expensive anyways. So the 40% off is off that expensive price. What I am wondering is, if I bought whole peppers and chopped them myself, how much would that have cost to get the same amount I paid for these? (did I say that right?)


Jon Pape said...

Did you try the printable grocery coupons at

One Mom, Five Kids said...

Yes! I kept forgetting about them. Thank you so much for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

I bet you got a good deal on the peppers. In my area the colored bell peppers run about $3.99/lb and it looks like you've got some of those in there. I give thumbs up!