Friday, August 1, 2008

Earn Rewards for Good Grades

Give your kids a little incentive to do well in school, get good grades and have good attendance. A lot of places offer rewards for children who do well in school. Because some places are individually owned and operated, some places may or may not participate in the good grades rewards. If there is nothing listed directly on their site about the program, call ahead and check.

*Blockbuster – Students can receive a free movie rental for getting good grades. Valid only at participating Blockbusters.

*Chuck E. Cheese – Bring in your report card and you can receive up to 15 free tokens per child.

*Country Greens - Cranesville, Pennsylvania. Receive free tokens for good grades. Bring in your report card and receive three tokens for each A, two tokens for each B and one token for each C. Maximum of 20 free tokens per grading period.

*Crown Theaters – Connecticut, Florida, Illinois Maryland, Minnesota and Nevada. Bring in your report card and receive 2 free movie tickets for straight A’s, 1 free movie ticket for A’s and B’s and a free popcorn for all B’s.

*Dairy Queen – Some Dairy Queens will offer rewards for doing well in school.

*Family Video – Some stores will give your child a free video rental for getting good grades. Call ahead to see if your Family Video is participating in this rewards program.

*Fazolis – Each time your child K-6 grade has perfect attendance they can receive a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entrĂ©e.

*Hollywood Park – Crestwood, Illinois. Bring in your report card and receive two tokens for every A and one token for every B. You can also receive bonus tokens 1 for every grade improvement and 1 for every special recognition comment.

*Limited Too – You can bring your report card in, within 30 days of being issued and receive $5 off your total purchase.

*Long John Silvers – Some Long John Silvers will give rewards for perfect attendance and good grades.

*McDonalds – Call and check to see if they offer any rewards for good grades. Not all locations participate.

*Sbarro’s – Students can receive a free slice of pizza for getting A’s & B’s.

*Topps – Bring your report card in to the manager and get a free trading card.

*Wendy’s – Students who receive good grades on their report cards can receive a special treat. Some stores may not be participating in this promotion so call ahead to check.


The Happy Housewife said...

Thanks for posting these. I wonder if they give rewards for homeschoolers too. I will have to check it out.

1momof5 said...

What a great list! Thanks! It looks like we might have a few things in common....:)