Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Reading Tips for Kids

Here is some summer reading tips to keep your kids motivated this summer.

Make A Book List - Get your kids off to a good start by creating a book list. Have them write down a list of their favorite authors and any books they would like to read.

Lead By Example - If your kids see you are reading a book, it will encourage them to want to read a book also.

Make A Reading Date – A few times a week set aside a time where everyone reads for 20 minutes. Afterwards everyone can talk about what they are reading and what is happening in their book.

Magazine Subscription – There are a lot of interesting kids magazines out there like, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Highlights for Children, American Girl, Boys Life – just to name a few. Kids love receiving stuff in the mail, especially if it’s something just for them and on a subject they love.

Books and Movies – Find a movie that is based on a book. Have your child read the book and then watch the movie. Afterwards you can talk about which was better and why. What things were in the book but not in the movie?

Read Anywhere – Encourage your child to bring a book anytime they will have time to read. If you are going to grandmas house or a doctor’s appointment make good use of this time and read a book.

Vacation Journal – If you are planning on going on vacation this summer, buy your child a special journal. Then they can write down what they did each day, what they saw and what happened. At the end of the vacation, everyone can swap journals and read about everyone’s experience.

Pen Pals – Before school ends, encourage your children to get names and address of some of their friends. Over the summer, they can take turns writing to each other. They can also get new suggestions for books their friends are reading and let their friends know what books they have read.

Visit The Library Often – Most library’s have lots of summer reading activities for kids. Check with your local library and see if they have a calendar of events.

Summer Reading Journal – Have your kids keep a special journal about all the books they have read over the summer. Which ones were their favorites and what they liked about each one. When school starts again, have the child give the journal to their teacher. Any teacher would be proud to read about all the books their student read over the summer. It will also give your child a positive feeling and start with his new teacher.