Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Trick or Treat Coupon Books

Big Boys/Frisch's - Booklets are $1.00 each and contain 8 coupons for a FREE Mini Kids meal.

Wendy's - Every year they sell booklets for $1.00 which contain coupons for 8 'mini frosties'.

McDonalds - Coupon books are $1.00 and contain 12 coupons: 3 Free Hamburger, 3 Free Small Ice Cream Cone, 3 Free Apple Dippers, 3 Free Small Juice or Milk.

Tim Horton's - They don't sell coupon booklets but they have Halloween bags they pass out to anyone who asks. In the past they have always had really nice goodie bags with a few coupons as well.