Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike Visits Ohio

Yup! That's right. Who would have thought, huh? I mean, this is Ohio. We get tornadoes and floods -- not hurricane. Well, I guess nothing is really off limits right?

We lost power before the storm even hit us, on September 14, 2008. The surrounding Miami Vally (which is where I am) got hit the hardest with a lot of damage to peoples houses, trees and even a local restaurant had caught fire and burned down. Winds were reported being 70 - 80 mph.

There were over 2 million people in Ohio without power. DP&L had called workers from out of state to assist and even with triple the number of workers they were still talking about not regaining power until the end of the weekend. However, Wednesday night, the blessing happened and our neighborhood regained power. There are still thousands of people in the Miami Valley without power - I'm hopping they too will get theirs restored soon.

All in all it was definitely an adventure. Being without electricity for 4 days was definitely an experience and I'm pretty sure now, there isn't anything you can't cook on a grill. While our land line phones weren't working I did have my cell phone that I charged up everyday in my husbands new Jeep Patriot. It has this handy little outlet which you can actually plug things into, which worked out great since I didn't have a car charger for my cell phone.

Thank you to my friend Jane who kept me company one the phone one day for FOUR hours while I was board out of my mind. Also to my aunt and my brother who I'm sure I also talked their ear off over the days without power. The kids all really handled it quiet well also. We played out side more, cleaned, read books, drove around, went to the mall or did our grocery shopping to keep us busy. They are quiet the troopers.