Sunday, October 5, 2008

10/5/08 Sunday Insert Coupons - Cherry Pickin'

A majority of coupons come in the Sunday inserts, however, usually less than half of those coupons, are ones I would actually use or keep. So, I thought I would try something new. I wanted to share which coupons I plan on keeping out of the October 5th Sunday inserts and why I want to keep them. On the other hand, sometimes there are some really strange or (what I think are) worthless coupons, so I will share my thoughts on those also.

As winter gets closer and closer, unfortunately so does the cold, allergy and flu season. With 5 kids - you just know someone is going to end up sick at least once during this season. In this weeks insert there was a variety of different coupons for medicines like, Sudafed, SudaCare, Tylenol and Motrin, all of which I plan on keeping. Every year at this time a lot of drug stores also have some good deals on cold and allergy medicines. Keep an eye out on your Walgreens and CVS ads for deals you can combine with these coupons.

$1/1 Johnsonville Sausage and .55/1 Hillshire Farm Link Sausage are also coupons I plan on keeping. I've been couponing for so long now, I know my stores will often put these packages of meat on sale for 2/$5 or less. With my coupon I can get them for $1.50 each and they make nice additions to casseroles, potatoes and many other things. This is one of the ways I save money on meat.

$1/1 Welch's Sparkling Juice Cocktail I found interesting as I don't think I've ever seen a coupon for this before. On special occasions like Christmas Dinner or Thanksgiving we buy this for the 'kids champagne' and get those fancy plastic cups for them. They love it!

$1/1 Progresso Broth - I want to keep this one cause it's a lot better than the Swanson Broth coupon they came out with a few weeks ago and I am hoping with a sale I can get it at a good deal.

Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Tomato Soups and Campbell's Condensed Soups are also coupons I plan to keep. Again, as winter gets closer soups will be 'in season' and stores will be having more sales an promotions for them. I remember last year around this time I bought a load of Campbell's soups for just $.07 cents each!

What coupons did you find interesting in this weeks inserts and which ones are you hoping to find a deal with?


Jennifer said...

My favorite coupons from this week are the Green Giant steam bag veggies coupon because at Wal-Mart I can get each bag for twenty something cents after coupon. I can never find good deals on veggies, so I was sooo excited when I found out about that coupon. I also think that some Ronzonie coupons for $1 came out this week. Those are great because you get a box of whole wheat pasta for fifty cents or less at Wal-mart! I try to avoid Wal-mart, but these are deals I just can't pass up! I am sorry if I am wrong about these being in this weeks insert. I am nursing my baby right now, and can't really get up to check. I am pretty sure they are though.