Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Pudding

While cleaning out my spice cupboard the other day I found a box of vanilla pudding all the way in the back of the cupboard. So to get it out of the way I went ahead and mixed it up. While I continued to work as it set up in the fridge I came across this bottle of red and green Christmas sprinkles - that had - uhhh - about 20 sprinkles left in the bottle.

Not kidding. And no, I didn't count them - but really that's about how many there were.

How does that happen? When was the last time I baked and couldn't finish off the 20 sprinkles left in the bottle? I just couldn't fit 20 more sprinkles on a cookie?

*Sigh - Who knows these things...

So, being the clever mom I am, I got out 2 of the bowls of pudding that were setting up in the fridge and sprinkled the remaining sprinkles into the pudding. I stirred it just enough to make it swirly-like. It was something new and different and the babies loved it!


Frugal Finds said...

Looks yummy and festive!!