Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday ~ My Spice Cupboard

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Last week on Tackle It Tuesday I read where at least 3 other bloggers had tackled their spice cupboard. This inspired me to tackle my own! My spice cupboard is high above my kitchen sink. Being the shorty I am - it's frustrating to always use the stool to find what I need because I can never see what's going on up there. All the little bottles of spices and what nots get lost in the mix of the bigger bottles. I think I may have found a solution!

Here is my spice cabinet before:

Here is some other stuff that is 'suppose' to go in the cupboard. However, I pulled everything out last week, looking for my tiny bottle of vanilla so it's been sitting there ever since.

Don't pay any attention to that basket on the left. That was going to be the basket I used for my plan but it ended up being too big and wouldn't fit in the cupboard. I found this out AFTER I had everything in there the way I wanted it - I guess maybe I should have checked to see if it would fit first. So, my plan was to take all my baking supplies, spices and other tiny what nots and put them in a basket on one side of my cupboard. This way all my baking supplies would stay together and the tiny bottles wouldn't get lost in the mix with all my bigger stuff. I am hoping that this will make it easier when I bake something then I can just pull out the basket and have all my sugar, spices, cocoa, baking soda and powder all in one place - opposed to having to dig for everything separately in the cupboard. Here's hoping anyways...

So here are my after pictures:

I guess this dosn't show my basket too well, but it's over to the right. All my bigger bottles of olive oil, vinegar, cooking spay is over to the left. Notice I have a spice rack below my cupboard, that holds all my herb spices - usually not my baking spices like nutmeg, cinnamon etc.

I am hoping that it will go something like this when I am ready to bake. Just pull down the basket and have everything I need...


Angie said...

Look fabulous! This was certainly a useful tackle, especially with holiday baking season quickly approaching!

Lee said...

That is such a hard thing to keep under control, huh? But it will be worth it when you start baking for the holidays. I was just making my list today. I can't wait.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Excellent - doesn't it feel great. I have MANY tackle it Tuesday things I need to get at.
Thanks for visiting, and YEA for free Altoids...gotta love us some CVS...we moms of five need to stick together. :)
P.S. Can't get enough of the Drudge report. :)

Lynne said...

All those little bottles, it's so easy to get out of control! Nice job with your tackle. :-D

TA-TA said...

I actually just reorganized my spices last week too. I moved my spices from my pantry to a cabinet with one of these -

I had my baking supplies in it, but it wasn't working for us. I moved the baking stuff to a basket like yours and that moved to the pantry instead. Once I sort a couple cabinets, it may move again, but it's nice to have every thing in 1 easily transportable spot.

Looks great! I like the idea of Tackle it Tuesdays. That may start in our house soon.

Susie said...

Great tackle:-)