Friday, December 5, 2008

Rumor of Disney Stores Closing Locations

I have heard several stories about certain stores closing several locations. With gift cards being so popular in gift giving, the main concern was not to buy gift cards from these closing stores as they might not be in business by the time your loved one goes to use it. If this would happen it would definitely be a disappointment on both ends.

The Disney Store was included in this list of closing stores and I received an email from Melissa, a Disney Store representative, who would like to set the record straight.

Here is what she had to say:

Disney Store has been erroneously included in a rumor that is circulating
the internet about stores that are closing locations. You may have seen
the email which warns consumers not to buy gift cards this holiday season.
We want to set the record straight that the Disney Store is NOT closing 98
stores and gift cards will still be honored. Here is a word from our
President, Jim Fielding:

“As you may know, Disney Store closed 88 locations earlier this year to adjust our overall store portfolio, “said Jim Fielding, president, Disney Stores Worldwide. “This occurred during the transition from being a licensed business separate from The Walt Disney Company to becoming part of the Disney family once again. Disney Store has no current plan or announcement to close 98 Stores. This is inaccurate information that has been circulated via the Internet.”

Disney Store currently has locations in more than 220 malls across America. We are gearing up for the day after Thanksgiving and stocking our shelves with toys and items for Disney fans across the nation. We are also opening more than 100 of our stores at midnight this year. If you’d like to find out if a store near you is opening at midnight, please go to and click on our store locator.

She also wanted to let Disney Fans know Disney Store is going strong and will continue to offer Disney fans wonderful products they can't get anywhere else.

If you have any questions about this rumor or want to know more about our Black Friday bargains, you can contact Melissa at 626-773-5493.


1momof5 said...

MY Disney store was one of the 88 stores that was closed last year. I really miss it. It was the best place to shop for birthday presents (every time they had toys on clearance, I'd stock up for future parties!).