Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meijer Shopping Trip - 3/1/09

I had to go to the store tonight to get some Pedialyte and Activia for my son, who has been sick for the past few days. A friend had suggested today that the Activia might help him, hopefully. It was a lucky duck week because there was $1 off coupon for the Activa (which was on sale for $2) and a $2 coupon for the Pedialyte! The coupon Gods must be looking out for us cause the Pedialyte isn't a normal circulating coupon - so it came right on time! And of course the name brand was cheaper with a coupon than the store brand. My husband picked some up Saturday at CVS and it was $4.49 for the CVS brand of Pedialyte. Tonight I went to Meijers and it was $4.97 BUT after my $2 coupon it was only $2.97! A-buck-fifty cheaper than the CVS store brand.

Anyways, the picture above came out kind of dark - not sure what happened there...

Here is the run-down of everything I got:

3+ lbs Bananas - $1.78
Fresh Strawberries - $1.49
Activia - $2 (used $1 coupon)
4 Gallons of Milk - $8.00 (used a Meijer coupon for $1/$7 Dairy Products)
10 Barilla Plus Pasta - $13.30 (used $1/2 mfg coupon* and Meijer Meal Box Coupon)
2 Johnsonville Sausage Links - $4 (used $1 coupon)
3 pkgs Chips Ahoy - $7.50 (used $1 off cookies wyb milk coupons)
2 Aunt Millies Hamburger Buns (not pictured) - $2 (used $.35 coupon, doubled)
8 bottles Old Orchard 100% Juice - $13.28 (used $1/2 coupons*
8 and Meijer Meal Box coupon)
Pedialyte - $4.97 (used $2 coupon)
24 pk cans of Diet Pepsi (not shown) - $6.00(it's cheaper at Walgreens this week but I hadda have it and I didn't want to stop again.)

Total Paid OOP: $34.69!

Total Saved: $60.59!

Not bad for getting milk, Pepsi and some fruit, all of which there aren't usually any coupons for these items.

*Barilla Plus coupon expired today, 3/1/09

**$1/2 Old Orchard Printable Coupon


Kaycee said...

Good job. I hate those surprise trips to the store for medicine, they always cost me.

Hadias said...

Great job. Just a tip...if Rite-Aid is still around by Dec.2009 that is a great time to stock up on children's meds. They were my first bug experience with rebates. $45 worth of meds FREE after Rebate.

It was a challenge to put the money out at firts but when I got the cheec back I was happy that I did it.

I hope that your son feels better soon.

Thank you for following my blog. You did a great job at the grocer.