Sunday, March 1, 2009

Febuary 2009 - Savings & Earnings

Spending & Savings

Retail Cost: $854.71
Store & Coupon Savings: $605.04
Extra Care Bucks: $2.00
Easy Saver Rebates: $29.03
Total Paid Out Of Pocket: $218.34

I haven't shopped at CVS that much lately cause the one closest me has such poor customer service - sometimes it's just not worth they hassle I get every time I go.

Incoming Money

Online Surveys: $81.00
Misc. Money Earned: $39.64
Total Incoming Money: $120.64

**PLUS -
*We did not go out to eat a single time this month!
*Received $12 Free ECB's for completing 2 CVS Surveys - now I might have to go back there and shop!
*Received a FREE Immersion Hand Blender from Zoom Rewards!

This month Rocked!

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Anonymous said...

Did you get the immersion blender yet? I've been wanting one of those for so long. They're absolutely magnificent for soup-making!

One Mom, Five Kids said...

Yes - I did! It came really fast - like 2 days after I had requested it.

Your right, I wanted one mainly for making soups also but as so far I have only been making smoothies because strawberries have been on sale the past few weeks.