Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meijer Grocery Savings - 4/12/09

I went to Meijer today to pick up a few things. I don't need much this week - which is a good thing cause sales and deals really suck. Last week I stocked up on milk when it was $.88/ 1/2 gallon and the expiration date was 2 weeks long so I made sure I got enough on the last day of the sale to last 2 weeks. I did need bread and veggies though so here's my shop:

Daisy Cottage Cheese - $2.79
Raisin Bran Crunch Extra Cereal - $4.49
2 Loaves Nature's Pride Bread - $3.00

(Below was part of the 10/$10 Get 11th Free Sale)

2 Dole Bagged Salad - $2.00
Earthbound Farm Carrots - $1.00
2 Containers Blackberries - $2.00
Aunt Millies Hamburger Buns - $1.00
Aunt Millies Potato Bread - $1.00
3 Heads of Broccoli - $3.00
Mushrooms - $1.00

Saved: $23.65
Total Spent OOP: $13.86

I love it when I save more than I spend!

The Nature's Pride bread was on sale for $1.50 and had $.55 peelies on them. Since my Meijer rounds coupons over $.50 up to $1 - I got the loaves for $.50 each after coupons.

Plus - the Raisin Bran has a mail in rebate on the box - so I will get $4.49 back.


Frugal Finds said...

Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree saving more than you spend it such a frugal rush! Good job!