Monday, August 18, 2008

Save Money Eating Out

Tonight I treated my family (of 7) to a nice dinner out at Cracker Barrels. Wonder how much it cost? After a $8.00 tip - it cost $24.02!

Now, yes. I know for less than half that price I could have cooked a dinner at home. But you know what? Sometimes I just don't want to cook. So that's that.

Normally, a dinner like this would have cost $50 (including tip) so I was thrilled that I did it for less than half the price.

So, how did I do it? Well, at the end of the school year my daughter received a coupon for a free kids meal at Cracker Barrels for perfect attendance. Because of this I went to My Points to see if they offered Cracker Barrel gift cards - and they did! So, I cashed in some points for 2 $10 gift cards - and the rest is history.

We usually go out to eat about twice a month and this is one of the ways I try and save money when eating out. There are lots of places you can earn points and rewards so you can eat out free or go shopping for free.